The world had given up on 23-year-old Sha’Carri Richardson. She was considered too flamboyant. A show off and a hot head as she stumbled through some personal turmoil. The people who once cheered her victories were now writing her off all of a sudden. Everyone had quit on her except Sha’Carri. She never gave up on herself. Her story is one of redemption. Monday she stormed from behind in lane nine to win a thrilling first 100m world title. She is a world champion. She did it.

Her troubles started in 2021 when she was thought to be among the favorites for the Tokyo Olympics, only to seemingly lose it all when she tested positive for marijuana at the US trials after the death of her mother. She missed the Games. Then, for most of 2022, nothing.

The way this turned out it could have been a movie and surely it will be one day. Richardson came back with a vengeance. The so called prognosticators gave her little chance against the dominant Jamaican sprint team of Shericka Jackson and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Richardson it appears did not get the memo. She went on to break the record for fastest ever women’s 100m run at a World Championship track meet with a winning time of 10.65 .

“I always say never give up,” she said. “Never allow the media, never allow outsiders, never allow anything but yourself to define who you are. I would say always fight, no matter what, fight.” She said afterwards. This race appeared to be a Jamaican battle for the gold, only for Richardson to speed past Jackson and Fraser-Pryce in a dramatic finish. Fall down seven times get up eight. Yes we heard that somewhere before but yesterday we saw it come full circle.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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