Belichick reunites with Brady, squashes rumors of tension | THE CARTON SHOW

Bill Belichick made an appearance on Tom Brady’s Podcast, the first since the quarterback announced his retirement from the NFL. Brady speaks on the speculation on his relationship with Belichick by the media, and states they were ‘always trying to pull us apart’. Craig Carton and Greg Jennings share their thoughts on this conversation between the New England Patriots coach and his former star quarterback.

Daniel Jones worth $35M or more to New York Giants? | THE CARTON SHOW

Contract negotiations are underway for Daniel Jones. After the Quarterback had he best season of his career, with 3,205 yards passing, 15 touchdowns, and five interceptions, his price tag has raised to anywhere between $35 and $37 million a season. Greg Jennings and Craig Carton decide what’s the right price tag to lock him as the New York Giants’ QB for another season.