Rapper Lil Wayne is even more involved with Skip Bayless host of Undisputed on Fox Sports 1. Bayless called the hip-hop star “the greatest rapper ever” and told him, “What I love about this is you get me as well, maybe even better than anyone gets me and you just nail these lyrics. And I hear ’em and I say, ‘That’s it.’ That’s the essence of Undisputed.” Well I see why Skip would say that, I would call Wayne the greatest too if he dropped a hard ass track like that about me.

Wayne responded, “I would hope so, I try to make everything I do better than the last thing I did. Just to impress you, just because I know how much you love ‘No Mercy.’ Just to capitalize on what you’ve done. It’s not complicated. It’s not hard. I love the challenge of it anyway. I attacked it that way, I attacked it like an exam an SAT, like if I don’t pass this, I can’t get in.”

Weezy added, “The lyrics are so natural because our relationship and because our love for sports and because the love you have for this, for Undisputed and what we do. It’s so easy to talk about a great person. It’s too easy.”

The “Make It Rain” rapper will also appear as a guest commentator on the show on Fridays. Young Money and Skip Bayless. I guess we will see Bayless next at the BET HIP HOP awards.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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