I love Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra. I have learned over the years that I was wrong for thinking the Miami Heat made a huge mistake when Pat Riley hired Spo to launch The Big 3 era of Wade, Lebron and Bosh. Coach Spo as you all know has proved his worth turning out to be in my opinion a top 3 coach in the entire NBA right now. Right now I am looking to Coach Spo to make the right decision. I am begging him to.

Victor Oladipo needs to be in the rotation. Period. Tyler Herro broke his hand in Sunday’s playoff road win against the Milwaukee Bucks, it created that opportunity.  Yes the Heat were fortunate to win and as an 8th seed lead the NBA top seed Bucks 1-0. Spo needs not fuck around with this. Go for the jugular now.

The Heat can not mess around with Duncan Robinson, he plays zero defense. Oladipo is the better option because of his ability to score on the perimeter or the paint.  He can create his own shot and he can be a menace defensively. The right thing is to start Oladipo along with Gabe Vincent in the backcourt. The Bucks will be desperate in game 2. They are not the top seeded team overall for nothing. I don’t know what Oladipo has done to earn a permanent seat on the bench. Erik Spoelstra needs to get the fuck over it. Defense wins championship. There is no fucking way Duncan Robinson should see the floor before Victor Oladipo. Will Coach Spo do the right thing ? We will see in game 2.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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