NFL Veteran QB Teddy Bridgewater Honored In Miami Gardens

It was a day straight out of a Disney Movie. Teddy Bridgewater who grew up playing football on this very field at Bunche Park. Today saw Miami Gardens officials rename the field in his honor. Talk about a great story.

Bridgewater, a former first round pick by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2014 NFL draft, talked about how this park helped to shape him as a professional and as a man.

In a time and age when athletes are often linked to scandals and all sorts of bad publicity. This was a feel good story. It was great to see the soft spoken Bridgewater get his flowers from the people who helped to raise him and guide him on his journey to the ultimate stage of the National Football League.

Speaking before a crowd that included his former coach Miami Gardens Mayor Rodney Harris, and many other city officials, former coaches ,teammates, friends and family, Bridgewater credited the community that helped helped turn him into an NFL all star quarterback.

The pride of the Miami Northwestern Bulls, Bridgewater was cheered loudly and enthusiastically by an adoring crowd as he spoke proudly of his days at Northwestern and later on at the University of Louisville and where he earned his degree earning in Sports Administration.

Bridgewater was visibly emotional as he stepped to the stage. Quite understandable when you consider the circumstances. The hometown kid who did good was back to where it all started. Like rapper Ice Cube was said, “Today Was A Good Day”.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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