This felt so familiar. Another year that begins with optimism and ends in frustration and failure. After fighting so hard to recover from a 1-7 start the Miami Dolphins crashed and burned in Tennessee right when they were on the verge of an improbable playoff appearance.

Titans 34 Dolphins 3

Miami Dolphin fans love this team so much. I know owner Stephen Ross wants to win so badly for these fans. He stressed that in the pre-season. Whatever it takes I will do. This team, this owner, this fanbase. Deserves better. There is more work to do.

Let’s start at quarterback. Most fans love Tua Tagovailoa. I think he can win in the NFL. Just not here. He needs to be in a perfect situation. Too many problems here especially that woeful offensive line. On top of that he picked a pretty bad day to have his worst outing. There were three fumbles. At least a couple of near interceptions and then finally the Titans snagged one. Zero touchdowns and quarterback rating of 53.1 and so on and so on. I suspect the pursuit of DeShaun Watson is going to heat up again if it has not already. The Miami Dolphins need a difference maker. Sadly, Tua is not that.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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