The James Harden Problem

written by J.C.Ruiz

There is a James Harden problem in the NBA today and that problem is James Harden. For all that talent, there is plenty of baggage that accompanies him where ever he goes and plenty of ego soothing and hand holding as well. The best way to solve the James Harden problem isn’t to acquiesce to his yearly trade demands, but to leave him out of the league entirely.

There is only one way to stop the petulant tirades of a NBA superstar whose talents have nothing to show for; blackballing him out of the league. That’s right. It’s time for James Harden to head to Saudi Arabia or China to continue his professional basketball career.

No more trade demands. No more gaining weight to get traded. No more pouting on the bench. Nothing.

Pack his bags and send him off.

If you woke up on Halloween morning to see that Harden was again traded to the Clippers, you would be thinking he got his way again. And you would be right and that is the James Harden problem.

He whines and complains his way out to be traded to the team of his choice. And it works, but at what cost? He isn’t a young player anymore and do teams really think they can change him?

James Harden’s problem is James Harden himself.

There is no sugar coating it. There is no step back fade away three around it. He is the problem and the only way to solve the problem is to have him out of the league for good.

You can’t question is undeniable talent. The man is a great basketball player. But as a teammate, a processional and as a man, he is nothing more than an overinflated ego of a person who doesn’t see the writing on the wall.

The Clippers aren’t going to win with Harden. No one wins with Harden. There is going to be a honeymoon period; there always is and then comes the demands and complaints. Like clockwork, Harden will begin to become the problem he always is.

LA is the last stop on the Harden train of destructive behavior. There are no teams left that will deal with him.

The Clippers are desperate for a title and are willing to look the other way in regards to Harden. It’s going to blow up in their face. Big time.

The Clippers are so desperate that they think by adding a 34 year old child to a team of other 30 somethings they’re going to find the promise land. They’re more likely to find the retirement home than an NBA title.

Can James Harden still play ball? Absolutely. He just won’t be playing in the NBA much longer. I’m sure Saudi Arabia will pay him $300–500 million to play over there. And he’ll go because he has strippers to put through college. I just hope someone lets him know how Saudi Arabia likes to handle their “problems.”

This trade is the final chapter in what was once the promising career of James Harden. Too bad someone gave him the pen to write his version of the book. He basically just scribbled over it and said done.

And that is his NBA legacy. A wasted talent whose ego over shadowed the skills that got him named to the Top 75 players of all time.

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