Will Smith’s “Emancipation” May Be His Finest Work. EVER.

Normally I do not do movie reviews on this blog. However I took a chance yesterday and watched the new Will Smith movie “Emancipation” . In my humble opinion, Will Smith has never been better. Yes I do love a comeback story and while I along with the rest of you was initially shocked by what we saw at the Oscars with Slap Gate. If I were to choose a movie for Will Smith to bounce back from the embarrassment of that moment. If I were his Olivia Pope. In the immortal words of Montell Jordan. “This Is How We Do It”.

Emancipation, brilliantly directed by Antoine Fuqua stars Smith as Peter , a slave, who flees a plantation in Louisiana after he was whipped within an inch of his life. He has to outwit cold-blooded hunters and the unforgiving swamps of Louisiana on a torturous journey north.

This movie is superb. After watching this I doubt I want to see another slave movie ever again. It is heart wrenching and will make you cry. The degradation and the humiliation that blacks people had to endure is pure evil. This movie impacted me like Alex Haley’s “Roots” did when I was a child. Oscar worthy without a doubt.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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