As a single parent I was able to relate to Wanda Durant’s story.
Despite being a single father I was able to relate to why athletes
always said “Hi Mom” during every opportunity that a mic was placed in
front of them on TV. I walked in those shoes and those were some very
long years of uncertainty. Of praying. Feeling unappreciated at times
and in the case of Wanda Durant she seriously contemplated suicide. I
had no idea. I now look at Kevin Durant in an entirely different
light. This biopic was aired in 2016 but I just saw it recently for
the first time. I am very happy Kevin and Wanda Durant shared their

Not every hopeful kid will make it out of the struggle of single
parenthood. That may be true but in the word’s of Jim Valvano. ” Never
give up, don’t ever give up.” Wanda Durant never gave up. She kept
pushing and pushing. Her inspirational story of hope and perseverance
will touch lives forever. Kevin was right. She is the real MVP.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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