Fan voting for the 2022 MLB All-Star Game has been underway for nearly
two weeks and yes the mass appeal of Jazz Chisholm Jr. shows no signs
of slowing down . He leads all National League basemen with 634,762
votes as of midday Tuesday.

Ozzie Albies of the Braves and Jeff McNeil of the Mets are the only NL
second baseman who have come close to Bahamian sensation.

Chisholm’s national charm and flair for the dramatic has made him a
fan favorite since day one.  Normally, the Marlins get screwed in
these voting contests by their usually uninterested and small fanbase.
Trust that tons of votes are coming from the Jazz For All Star
Campaign going on in the Bahamas. For Chisholm to be leading at his
position is proof that if you bring that box office excitement to the
ballpark fans everywhere will get excited to see all that jazz on the

MLB All-Star:

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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