Tim Hardaway Is A Hall Of Famer

Congratulations are in order for Timmy Two Step. It was a great feeling for the Chicago native, as Tim Hardaway was joined to the stage by his mom Gwendolyn and his father Donald, with Hardaway Jr. also in the building , obviously very proud of what his dad has accomplished. Miami Heat fans as well as Golden State Warrior fans know all too well about the legendary point guard. Now he is forever immortalized in basketball heaven.

With his signature crossover dribble, Tim Hardaway’s impact on the game of basketball is without question.

Hardaway was an integral part of those gritty Miami Heat teams who had those legendary battles with the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s Eastern Conference of the NBA. He was particularly clutch in big moments of basketball games. He played the game with zero fear. Congrats once again Tim Hardaway. Welcome to the Hall Of Fame.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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