The Jeff Fox show chats with uk soul singer ania garvey-wells

The Re-Invention of Ania Garvey-Wells

This is not a sports story but an entertainment story about a childhood friend, a domestic violence survivor who has reinvented herself. Ania Garvey and I chat about her inspirational rise to stardom.

One of the most satisfying interviews I have ever done. A nostalgic piece with a childhood friend who has conquered every obstacle in her path. The amazing journey of Ania Garvey-Wells. From an island girl track star in the Bahamas to being on her way to stardom as a soul music star in the UK. She released her first single, “Summer Is The Coldest Season” which plateaued on the UK Soul Chart at #2 and made “Song of the Year” in 2017 in Canada. Other chart toppers include, “Let’s Feel Good”; iTunes Top 100 (2020), Traxsource; #1 Single, #3 Soul Track, 3 Times, #1 Grenada Soul Chart. Other Tunes making Soul Charts include: “I appreciate You”, “He Asked Me”, “I Tried To Tell You” and “I Want You”. Most recently, her song, “Tell Me What You Want” became Radio Indie International Network’s #1 Song of the month, and “Artist of the Week”, April 2021.

Ania states that while charts are an important means to recognize talent and have your music showcased, they are certainly not her motivation. She encourages other singers to, “Stay true to yourselves and not succumb to pressures of making ‘charts.’ Do not let human standards for likes and dislikes steer you into an abyss. Be your best you and sing from the heart. Find the courage to express yourself without inhibitions and do not let regret become your motto. Simply do all you desire to do or at least try.”

“Don’t give up on your daydreams.” She is currently preparing for several LIVE personal appearance events which will take place in 2021/2022 in the United Kingdom and for the launch of her first Album, set to be released in July 2022. She is always looking for ways to better herself and will be pursuing an acting career along with her husband, English Radio Presenter and Dj; Lee Wells, who she met during a radio interview in 2017.

Visit Ania’s website: The Official Ania Garvey Artist page-

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