So here we are once again. The Miami Heat struggled through a long and tough regular season. They finished dead last in the NBA in scoring. This team know’s how to struggle. It is in their DNA. They barely made the playoffs. How the fuck are they doing this ? How ? After last night’s epic workmanlike 109-101 dispatching of the hated New York Knicks. The Heat are on the doorstep of the eastern conference finals. Again.

Why are we even surprised anymore ? Everyone knows what Heat Culture is. It is a real thing just like Playoff Jimmy Butler. The Miami Heat have always had this team of fighters. Remember Thunder Dan Majerle ? Keith Askins ? Scrappy. Gritty. Fearless. Longshots. Gym rats. They keep finding these guys. I watched Gabe Vincent frustrate the shit out of Jalen Brunson last night. Yeah Brunson had a decent game, but he was annoyed as fuck. Caleb Martin. Max Struss. I mean who are these motherfuckers ? That is what Knick fans are asking themselves today.

The Miami Heat are a band of dawgs. They will fight you. They are Dade County Tough. I mean even Kevin Love who I personally did not think had “It” anymore has been reborn in Miami. That goddamn Heat Culture man. I don’t know how long this magic carpet ride will continue. One thing I know is this….. no team will come into this city more prepared than your Miami Heat. There are more talented rosters but nobody will outwork this team. They have one Superstar talent in Jimmy Butler. Well technically two, because Coach Eric Spoelstra is a flat out superstar. Eric “Motherfuckin” Spoelstra.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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