Suddenly Hot Marlins Reportedly Had Locker Room Issue With Star Jazz Chisolm

It is pretty amazing how these closed door team meetings can inspire
certain reactions in sports. A more recent example has been the Miami
Marlins who recently had one such meeting to iron some perceived
problems and distractions . Among the topics discussed in
the meeting was the way players dressed when going to the park. Work ethic
on and off the field, among other things.  According to an article
from Jon Heyman of  the NY Post one of the players who has incurred
the ire of the locker room is fan favorite Jazz Chisolm and the result
has been positive so far as the Marlins played perhaps
their best game of the year (a 12-2 win Tuesday over the Nationals)
and a winning streak.

Heyman wrote

“Jazz Chisholm has turned into a star in Miami. But Chisholm turned
out to be the subject for criticism in the team meeting, according to
sources, as teammates apparently aren’t always as enamored as fans who
love the style and sizzle.

Manager Don Mattingly said he didn’t want anyone talking behind
anyone’s back, and
perhaps a little up-front honesty worked. Pressed on what specifically
was said to Chisholm, Marlins GM Kim Ng declined to elaborate further:
“Reluctant to provide further detail — happy everyone is responding.”

In typical Jazz Chisholm style the Bahamas born star went out and hit
two home runs that game, and later in an interview on MLB Network
said, “I have that tool that’s called, I don’t care. I just go out
there and have fun.”

One person, who suggested teammates may be “jealous,” said, “Jazz is
like Dennis Rodman. He will always be a lightning rod. But he works
and plays hard.”

Ng had a simple explanation for Chisholm’s recent exploits: “He’s good.”

I think there is a deeper problem. This is what the fuck is wrong with
baseball. This is why young black kids would rather play basketball or
football. Anything but baseball and thier dumb ass unwritten rules. If
the kid plays with style and flair, and pizzaz so what ! Why should he
have to adapt ? Let those complaining players adapt to him. You want
to know why there are no more Dave Winfields, Willie Stargells, Rickey
Henderson’s in baseball ? It is dumb shit like this. Remember the
“Wizard of Oz” Ozzie Smith ? Let’s face it black folks always played
the game with a certain style and flair, and that has rubbed some
baseball “purists” the wrong way.

I hope I am wrong with this assumption. I would hate to see the
Marlins lose a talent like Chisolm because some folks don’t “Get” him.
Just my point of view Jazz Chisolm is exactly what baseball needs in
this era of hip hop and sports.

(Photo Courtesy of: JC Ruiz)

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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