This was what really bothered me about the slap heard around the
world. That it upstaged a night of black excellence that absolutely
nobody is talking about. Will Smith on a night that he won the Oscar
award for best actor ruined what should have been a crowning night of
his greatest achievement. Nobody today is talking about Will Packer.
Movie and television producer Will Packer made history over the
weekend when he led the first all-Black production team in Oscars

The talented Packer is the founder and CEO of his own film production
company, Will Packer Productions, and Will Packer Media, a television,
digital, and branded content company. He has produced or executive
produced many movies that have earned critical praise throughout the
years. Films that may be recognizable include The Photograph, Little,
What Men Want, Night School, Breaking In, Girls Trip, Ride Along 2,
Straight Outta Compton, No Good Deed, Think Like a Man Too, Ride
Along, Think Like a Man, Takers, Obsessed, and Stomp the Yard.

Packer has also been involved in television production as well. His
list of television credits includes, That Girl Lay Lay, Blackballed,
Ambitions, Bigger, Being Mary Jane, and Uncle Buck. Packer’s remake of
Roots earned the producer an Emmy nomination.

He even once appeared on The Jeff Fox Show Podcast where he very
proudly boasted of his favorite team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning
their most recent Super Bowl under legend Tom  Brady. Will Smith
attacking Chris Rock also ruined Will Packers moment. Will Packer
should be applauded and celebrated for doing an outstanding job with
his production. Sadly nobody is talking about it.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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