So word leaked to NFL fans across the country and to various media outlets that media mogul Byron Allen is interested in buying the Denver Broncos. Allen did confirm to Bloomberg that he was submitting a formal bid to purchase the football team. The entrepreneur and philanthropist got his start as a comedian, but in 1993, he launched his own media company — and amassed an enormous fortune along the way.

Yes folks, his pockets run deep. He is worth an estimated $450 million.

The man even owns The Weather Channel.

In a formal statement, Allen indicated that the road to this opportunity began in 2019 when he was approached by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft about potentially buying into the league. Now, he’s the apparent frontrunner to claim a majority stake in a Broncos franchise that’s won three Super Bowl championships.

Just last week, the Bowlen family confirmed long-time speculation that they would put the team up for sale following a 38-year ownership run — and the sale will come at a historic cost. Early estimates suggest that the franchise will fetch about $4 billion, which would be the most expensive purchase in US sports history by a seriously wide margin. To see things through, Allen will have to come up 30% of the purchase price with no debt — a casual $1.2 billion.

With all of the bad publicity about the NFL floating around during its most highlighted time of the year. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what the league’s next move needs to be. Oh by the way the Brian Flores lawsuit which hangs over the recent retirement of the league’s greatest player is another reason the NFL needs to come to its senses.

Make your next move your best move. Make Byron Allen the next owner of the Denver Broncos and the first black owner of an NFL franchise.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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