This team makes no excuses when they lose. They lick their wounds and
come back ready to fight another day. Last year the Miami Heat were
swept out of the NBA playoffs in the first round. This year they are
back and hungrier than ever. Right now, the Heat are in a battle with
nemesis the Boston Celtics for supremacy in the NBA’s Eastern
Conference. They are on the verge of a second NBA finals berth in the
last 3 years. A third within 4 years is within reach but those scrappy
Boston Celtics is in their way. The Celtics were the favorites going
into the series despite Miami earning the number one seed. Miami is
currently leading the series based on a dominant effort on defense and
a pretty big-time performance from all-star Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler. Eric Spoelstra. Bam Adebayo and maybe even Tyler Herro,
they can all make a case that at some point this season they felt
disrespected. I get it that the Heat are not a glamour franchise like
the Celtics, Lakers or Knicks but people around the NBA are learning
the hard way that they need to respect this team. If Miami keeps this
up, I suspect the national media will learn to respect them as well.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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