Miami Dolphins Got It Wrong With Firing Coach Flores

So the Miami Dolphins have parted ways with head coach Brian Flores
after 3 seasons. Now the excuse machine is in full throttle as to the
justification of this bullshit. Plain and simple, I think this was the
wrong move. I hear that Flores was not exactly a great person to
work with kind of a rocky relationship between he and GM Chris Grier.
Whatever the case, he should have at least been given one more year.
Changing culture does take time. I get it that  owner Stephen Ross
really wants to win and win now. He was very adamant about that in the
pre-season. This team better win or heads are going to roll.

I will be honest that I was rooting for Flores and Grier to succeed,
especially with them being African American in a league that is
notorious for overlooking black coaches. Thus, the invention of The
Rooney Rule, which gets danced around all the time.  Flores was not
given a fair shot in my humble opinion.

The Fins were a train wreck when Flores was brought in and he slowly
built a tough defensive minded team that had deficiencies on offense.
His quarterback had to play while battling injury and Deshaun Watson
rumors which had to be a major distraction. I wrote about how Dolphin
fans deserved better from this team but they also deserve better from
ownership. Why was Flores given such a short leash?  There is no
consistency here with this franchise. The only constant is that they
have been consistently inconsistent. Start, stop and start over again.
It is exhausting. The fanbase is tired of this.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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