TALLAHASSEE — It is a movie we have seen before. Mental errors from a supposed head coach and leader. Manny Diaz has failed us…yet again. The latest occurrence happened Saturday night in Florida State’s wild 31-28 win over Miami.

The play happened with a minute left, with the Seminoles (4-6, 3-4 ACC) down five at the Hurricanes 25. It was fourth and 14. The worst thing to do in that situation is to only rush three men and give a quarterback time to beat you. The decisions this man makes are unfathomable.

 The Seminoles had just let a 20-7 lead turn into a 28-23 deficit. They were down to their final prayer.

No worries, Seminoles fans. Here comes Manny to the rescue. His inexplicable defensive call allowed FSU quarterback Jordan Travis to stand tall in the pocket as Canes fans watched in horror and receiver Andrew Parchment sped right down the middle of the field and found a soft spot. Good enough for Travis to hit him for a critical first down. Ballgame.

Have we seen this before? Remember 4th and 17 against North Carolina?

Enough is enough. Manny Diaz must go. Period.

Diaz has consistently failed. This team is never prepared. They constantly make the same mistakes. They are undisciplined. They cannot tackle.

How, as a head coach who specializes in defense, can Diaz’s team be one of the worst tackling teams we have ever seen? This is a catastrophic failure.

Manny Diaz is now 19-15 overall as a coach. He is 10-9 in one score game.

Time to say goodbye.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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