{Miami}- October, 2022 – Remix Sports Media is bringing a fresh new perspective to South
Florida Sports. CEO Tommy Green has partnered up with local sports media personality Jeff Fox
CEO of The Jeff Fox Show INC and they intend to build a new media empire in South Florida.
Green intends to build a variety of sports shows built around entertainment and influencers in
the hip hop community with hopes of connecting sports, music and entertainment like never
before! Signing Jeff Fox to the team is just the beginning and there are plans to launch a new
sports show with Jeff and other celebrity Sports Remixers in the very near future.

Remix Sports Remarks
“I have followed Jeff Fox since The Sports Brothers days on 790 The Ticket. Jeff has a love for
Miami Sports; Miami teams and has a connection with the South Florida Sports fan. I could think
of no one better who can relate to the objective of Remix Sports Media to start off with than Jeff.

“ Fox added, “I am happy to team up with Remix Sports Media and Tommy Green. I am very
excited to be a part of the team and cannot wait to get started” Remix Sports Media considers
itself to be the next generation of sports content with an entertaining twist. Connecting sports
reporting back to the heart of sports culture.

More details on Remix Sports Media and Jeff Fox will be announced soon.
Our website and social links are below.

Website – www.RemixSportsMedia.com
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClhPG8dhLqWpUTg0cK6MzOg
IG – https://www.instagram.com/remixsportsmedia/?hl=en
Interview/Media Requests – remixsportsmedia@gmail.com
Sponsorship Inquiries – remixsportsmedia@gmail.com
Investment Opportunities – remixsportsmedia@gmail.com

About Remix Sports Media
Remix Sports Media is connecting all of our major sports to the new
generation in a major way! Our goal as a company is to “Remix” the way we
consume sports by bringing choice and diversity to the sports broadcasting,
reporting and announcing world. Bringing the sports reporting industry closer
to the “culture” of real sports fans and the younger generation across all
sports! By using some of the top sports social influencers in the world today
bringing your sports to you in a way like you have never heard before!
Remix Sports Media Focuses on the amazing sports on the court as well
as all the many facets of these players off the court. Their Style, How they
spend their off days, Events they attend, New Sponsorships, Endorsement
deals, player interviews and exclusive information that only we can bring
to you in real time the Remix Sports Media Way!
Taking sports broadcasting to the next level!

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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