Miami Gardens, FL-

This Bahamian native has a natural swag. Period. Jazz Chisholm is a superstar in every sense of the word. I knew it when I met him for the first time at a Bahamian Restaurant in Miami called Bamboo Shack, where he was making a personal appearance. Before I knew it we were yucking it up about all kinds of tasty Bahamian stuff like chicken in the bag, conch salad and fire engine (corn beef and rice) I felt like we were neighborhood pals who grew up together.

That is the feeling Jazz carried with him into the studios of MLB Network where he made his debut as a studio analyst. He killed it. The drip was on point. For those who don’t know the term , his sense of fashion is immaculate. His analysis was flawless as he chopped it up with hosts Harold Reynolds, Sean Casey and Greg Amsinger.

The term a “natural” is used quite often in baseball and to put it quite mildly, Jazz Chisholm is a “natural” on and off the field. The 2022 MLB all star did not disappoint as he filled his role in the studio admirably. Just as I knew he would. He was the same kid that he was the day I met him at Bamboo Shack. His game, his infectious smile and personality. Jazz is exactly what baseball needs. I am glad that they recognize that too.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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