Former Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead signs with Jets

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The Miami Dolphins haven’t lost many of their own free agents early this offseason, but another one of their top guys has found a new home.

On Friday, punter Thomas Morstead announced on social media that he’s signed with the New York Jets.

Morstead, 37, joined the Dolphins last offseason on a one-year deal, and he rewarded the team by having one of the best statistical seasons from any punter in team history.

In 2022, he averaged 46.4 yards per punt (sixth), 40.5 net yards per punt (eighth) and 45.9% of his kicks were downed inside the 20-yard-line (first).

Miami will now have to hope they can get that kind of production elsewhere. They’ve already begun looking, as Jake Bailey was hosted for a visit on Friday, but not many have been as good for as long as Morstead.

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