Former Dolphins LB Elandon Roberts to sign with Steelers

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While the Miami Dolphins have been busy retaining a lot of their own free agents, not every gets an opportunity to return back to South Florida.

According to NFL Network’s Cameron Wolfe, linebacker Elandon Roberts is signing a two-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Roberts, 28, joined the Dolphins back in 2019, following Brian Flores from New England, after he spent the first four seasons of his career with the Patriots. During his time in aqua and orange, he recorded 251 tackles, seven sacks, four passes defended, three forced fumbles and one interception.

In 2022, Roberts set career highs in both tackles (107) and sacks (4.5).

With the return of Duke Riley and the signing of David Long from the Tennessee Titans, it’s not all that surprising that Roberts wasn’t in the plans for the 2023 season.

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