Florida Panthers Have A Championship Buzz

South Florida is still reeling from the end of a disappointing Miami
Dolphin football season. While all of the attention is now focused on
our beloved Miami Heat and though well-deserved as the Heat have
surged to the top of the eastern conference in the NBA. We also have
another first place team that we need to get behind. The red hot
Florida Panthers.

With Saturday’s blowout 9-2 win over Columbus, the Panthers ended
their most recent homestand with three straight wins and an 8-0-1
record since the NHL returned to action late last month. Florida now
has a 26-7-5 record which, as of Sunday, is tied for the best record
in the entire National Hockey League.

Just last month The Jeff Fox Show was a guest of the Panthers on a
night of an incredible comeback win that had the entire league
talking. The Cats have not slowed down. They are playing an excitingly,
high scoring brand of hockey that has taken South Florida by storm.
Pay attention folks, we have not one but two teams that have realistic
Championship aspirations. If you have not already noticed it is time
to get behind these Florida Panthers. It’s time to hunt.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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