Boxing Legends Riddick Bowe & Lennox Lewis Squash Their Beef

The biggest fight to not happen in the 1990’s was between Lennox Lewis
and Riddick Bowe. They fought for the gold medal in the super
heavyweight division at the 1988 Summer Olympics with Lewis stopping
Bowe in the second round. It seemed natural for them to one day cross
paths inside the ring as professionals.

However the fight would never happen and boxing fans were robbed of a
potentially all-time great fight.  This fight not happening had
nothing to do with the two fighters. Opinions were strong on both
sides and there were so many tussles outside of the ring that played a
part in the bout never occurring.

Everyone was left with the thought of, “what if?” The men carried
grudges for years ever since. Who can forget Bowe throwing the
Heavyweight championship in the trash?

Back in 1992, the best heavyweights in the world were, Evander
Holyfield, Riddick Bowe, Lennox Lewis, and Razor Ruddock. The
prevailing thought among boxing enthusiasts was Bowe and Lewis were on
a collision course. Never happened.

Hurt feelings and bad blood lingered for years. It made for a really
bad situation.
Until recently when the two men ran into each other at a boxing match
and they used the opportunity to let bygones be bygones.

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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