Bahamian Baseball Star Jazz Chisolm Sizzles For The Miami Marlins

He is from the Bahamas, and he plays for Miami. Seems like a natural
fit.  Right?
I finally caught up with Miami Marlins baseball star Jazz Chisolm at a
pop up event for Bamboo Shack Bahamian Restaurant in Miami Gardens.

We talked about everything from his unique power , his dynamic euro
step at the plate following his home runs and his love for Bamboo
Shack food. Chisholm right now I would say is well on his way to be
the next superstar and a fan favorite when it comes to Miami sports.
Somehow the spotlight does not seem too bright for Jazz. He has style
and charisma, and his smile. Yes, that smile that just lights up any
room a la Magic Johnson.

It’s almost a given that he is the next young superstar of Miami
sports, but what about all of baseball?

Jazz has his sights set on being one of the greatest to have played
this game. He carries a small island nation that loves baseball on his
back and it is a burden he has embraced. Jazz is among a number of
youngsters that have made baseball fun again. Whether he is flipping
his bat or euro stepping across the plate. I think Miami and the
Bahamas alike cannot get enough of all that Jazz.

Jazz Chisolm On The Jeff Fox Show

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox

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